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Bio (Extended)

Revived after a failed suicide attempt granted him a look into the beyond which this former world class martial arts instructor’s life was changed his life forever.

Trading in his life of conventional success in exchange for scraping a living as a homeless creative single-mindedly focused on spreading the word through his art.

Sectioned, hospitalised and changed forever, he cast aside a lifetime of achievements to rise from the ashes of his previous existence, powered from within, reborn into flesh as his own saviour,  IamManaking. 

Born by blood, new life through death and driven by something more to follows his ultimate calling to mould the energy (Mana) of his torments into his own audio visual based highly personal art therapies.

Unconventional, nonconformist and unapologetic this self taught creative writes and plays all his own music & lyrics. No labels, no boundaries, no limits and as real as it gets IamManaking’s brutally honest & authentic approach has positioned him as a truly ground breaking avant-garde artist of his generation. 

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