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New Album Release

Album Cover photo by: Mark Cartwright

‘ZERO BUGET, NO RESOURCES, D.I.Y’ is a compilation album from the UK audio/visual artist IAMMANAKING. The album consists of ALL of his zero budget, no resources, do it yourself releases and demos from the beginning of his solo career to date 2017 -2019.

This album features 15 recordings and this zero budget / D.I.Y period of time marks an extremely difficult and damaging time for the artist who while struggling through dark times, no income and homelessness still somehow managed to not only produce and record this raw yet highly unique material but after paying his dues on the UK grass roots scene also hone his craft as a unique and captivating live performance artist.

Album contents:

  1. Formal Introduction To My Band 4Q (Demo Version)

  2. Overview (Demo Version)

  3. Kemical! (Demo Version)

  4. The Boredom Kills (Demo Version)

  5. Jump (I Make You Wanna) (D.I.Y. Release)

  6. Best Get Lost (& Stay Clear) (D.I.Y. Release)

  7. Formal Introduction To My Band 4Q (Live @ Voltage)

  8. Overview (Live @ Voltage)

  9. Someday Kid (Live @ Voltage)

  10. We Dare to Dream / Flush (Live @ Voltage)

  11. Kemical! (Live @ Voltage)

  12. Hollow & Low (Live @ Voltage)

  13. The Boredom Kills (Live @ Voltage)

  14. Jump (I Make You Wanna) (Live @ Voltage)

  15. Best Get Lost (& Stay Clear) (Live @ Voltage)

Listen to it now from these multiple platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc here:

IAMMANAKING has completed work on his debut studio album entitled ’15 Different Colours Of Decay’ and is currently seeking funding / support bring forth and mark the death of his D.I.Y zero budget era.

For more information on this epic album to come click here.

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