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The Lion in a Sheep Pen.

Days went by as bag after bag after bag were suspended like hanged men slowly twisting in the wind. Like they. Do. The tipex of life entered his bloodstream like a broken tap drip after drip after drip, until finally they ran empty like the excruciating painful hole were his heart used to lay..

As the lines that connecting him were pulled out and the machine switched off the torturous bleeping finally stopped and was replaced by the loud silence of the unknown.. It was unclear what was next. Although the time in that hospital bed had come to an end he wasn’t yet going back to the World he had came that was obvious. As a wheelchair arrived bedside they called his name although it now seemed like one he no longer recognised and push him away from ward 7 down the corridors of display and into the outside dark cold winter of night were transport waiting him..

They were dumping us here into the care of this Psychiatric Hospital.. You can only imagine the demonic sounding screams and rantings that belowed out from all around is now our new soundtrack..

I am alone. Isolated. Bedroom 7 is not only our new home for a while but also I think my new name.. I seek no interaction as the walking dead shuffled aimlessly around outside my door..

Days go by as brief and tormenting interactions of the ones in suits seem to play with me and make things worse with their pens, laptops, self importance and false senses of security they bring back the darkness..

My host maybe fragile but make no mistake is also extremely dangerous, if Malasses could make him do such things to himself one could only imagine what he could be made to You and to all these around him..

I watch him follow his programming to the LETTER and analyses every movement, every routine, every breach and every dark opportunity that exposes itself around him.. Faint whispers of Malasses penetrate the walls of this bedroom cell and flicker around the inside of his head urging him to show the World their flaws and make history here but his powers have been inadvertently diminished by the deadly yet cathartic actions of the host leaving me with louder voice..

I see what’s going on here and how the darkness tries to finish his destructive work but I have learned from the past and know now the only way to ensure my own and host survival is to keep Malasses at a manageable distance and with all my power this is exactly what I swear to do from this moment onwards. Nothing else matters. Only selfish survival..

This place isn’t the sanctuary I need to rebuild him, I must escape and fashion my own. An allie is needed and that is when that ‘something else’ that is watching us continues to provide even in this storming dark place. I meet a Lighthouse amongst the fog today with my focus and its bright light I can see a route and away from the rocks and back to shore. I have an allie..

I must hurry.. These people have no idea the danger we are ALL in.. THEY PUT A LION IN A SHEEP PEN PATROLLED BY GAZELLES They cannot help us. Only Together we keep the darkness at bay.. This is not the place for us.. Together we will heal ourselves, together we will grow..

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