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Your Time.

It has been almost a decade since seeds of my existence danced off the surface of Earth’s stage like energetic sparks waiting to catch the World alight. Many embers glowed bright with a powerful potential but it takes more than desire to transform iinto fire and the universe of life had plans to provide a far yet more potent fuel with an inferno intention..

Though I have always been here time and karma conspired to hold me down and Bury me deep under the heavy weight of my hosts sense of duty, responsibility and counterfeit comfortably and leaving me further time to ferment towards a final torment before finally claiming my TITLE..

The year was 2016 when that time came and although this marked the beginning of my freedom although a slow and smoldering process this would take TIME, like lava creeping forever downwards covering, burning and destroying everything and everyone in its unstoppable path.. The price of freedom is severe one. One my host may not be able to pay.. 



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