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This written explanation is offered to you in the hope that your experience with me is to be better understood.


iAMMANAKING is my name.

I AM: more than just Music.

I AM: story 

I AM: a game

I AM: a Kingdom

I AM: a universe.

iAMMANAKING was created/formed after I survived a suicide attempt where I left as one thing but came back to life as another, someone else, something else with a new powerful deeper understanding. 

Within my work I have hidden and coded information from beyond this realm within songs, words and pictures. How deep down the rabbit hole you want to go is left completely up to you.

All my works both visual and audio directly forged out of my own struggles with PTSD, Depression and 'Losing my mind' as Former Psychiatric hospital Patient. Following my discharge, no longer the same person he went in as I legally changed my name to the one that was chosen for me.


Welcome to my bubble. I create unfiltered content for my own personal therapy, and to complete my mission.

'Discoveries from this artist spill out all throughout his works and not only serve as entertainment but also documentation and proof of his out of world understanding.' 

From a simple listen or deciphering a complex web the part you play is up to you 

I am

I AM: Where the form meets the formless.

I will leave the breadcrumbs but it's for you to follow. I give you nothing, take what you need.

I AM: No Rules, No Boundaries and No Limitations

Ready to play? - then let's begin.

I AM: The God King.

I AM: The King God.


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